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Clients Respond

"I have worked with June Brought for several years now.
The ease of June’s presence when entering the Akashic Field is both comforting and awe inspiring. Her clear communication with the Masters and Teachers answers the most difficult questions with grace and humor. Her scientific background grounds furthers the client’s understanding.
I have experienced spontaneous physical relief from symptoms, tremendous life altering insights, and clear understanding from the highest spiritual perspective of the Akashic Records.
June Brought is someone you could as easily have a fun meal with as enter such a profound field. Therein lies the delight and blessing of her transmissions.
I feel grateful and thrilled to have June and the Masters/Teachers as my life guide."

 ~ Janet Perini, NY


"Knowing, consulting with, and connecting with June Brought has completely transformed my life! The wisdom and compassion I get from my monthly session with her have been the most amazing GPS system, enabling me to not only navigate challenging experiences but also find my way back to my highest most authentic and truly joyful self and joyful life. I listen to recordings of my sessions again and again and am blown away at the amazing accuracy and insight of our profound conversations.  I feel so appreciative to have June in my life.  She has held my hand every step of the way on my journey and helped to guide me to a truly wonderful true place."  


~ A. Kayne, Chicago, IL

​"From the moment June opened our records, we both felt the beautiful presence of divine beings close to us.  We felt so cared for, as if we were being bathed in warm light- all just in a moments time.  It was deeply comforting to our hearts.  June is a profound teacher and listens to your life's most intimate questions with the utmost care and integrity.  Our sessions with her have not only provided us with significant guidance, but have literally healed us.  We left our session transformed and bubbling with excitement about life.   To this day, we are still surprised and grateful for the incredible changes that have occurred after our session with June.  May she continue to bless and be blessed."  

~ Rodrigo & Mirah Esteva, Mexico/Berkeley, CA

"June has been an amazing guide on our spiritual path for many years. Using humor, love, and depth of heart, she is able to retrieve from the Records the truths which are obscured by fears, doubts, and ego. This work has been a source of great comfort and affirmation, allowing us profound change and growth in our lives."

~ Sheri & Jeff MacNutt,  Santa Fe, NM​



"Experiencing an Akashic consultation with June has lifted my awareness to new heights.  It was fun, energetic, and brought clarity to my thinking about myself and my husband.  I left with unleashed joy, energy, and a greater depth of understanding of how to move forward with renewed and more focused confidence." 

~ Julie Price,  New York City​


"There have been times in life when my days felt like a journey through a dark, forbidding forest, filled with unknown dangers.  June became my loving, deeply authentic guide; opening the Akashic Records, reading and interpreting the eternal book that is mine.  Suddenly, I was no longer alone, and my path seemed clear.  June is a precious gift to those who find their way to her.  Her wisdom is the wisdom of God, speaking through her."

~ Kathy Calabrese, Phd.  Buffalo,  NY​

''My experiences in my Akashic record sessions with June were a beautiful weaving of energy, spirit and emotion. In being open to the experience and joined by her gentle, caring energy; we were able to delve in areas of my life that craved light and attention.  I left lighter and inspired with many thoughts, that have become reminders to me on a daily basis... that i am free to be me!  I highly recommend these sessions with June!"

~ Ilyana Kadushin, Brooklyn, NY​

“June Brought is, hands down, a highly gifted Akashic Records reader!  Her readings are clear, on point and have been so helpful for me in my daily life.  I have had a number of different Akashic Readers and find June to be the most talented reader for me.  She has a way of translating the specifics of the visual and energetic information she receives from the Masters and Teachers in to terms that are practical and useful.  I personally love her manner of speaking and find that June's readings provide an environment in which I can fully hear and safely learn.  She even throws in some appropriate humor, which makes my enlightenment lighter.  I say, thank you, June after each reading, and I really mean it."

~ JWW, Beverly Hills, CA


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