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Private Sessions


Individual Sessions​​​​​

​​Family & Couple Sessions

June often facilitates Akashic consultations with couples and families, as the information and energy can lead to profound shifts in relationship dynamics, allowing healing and balance for all concerned .


Bereavement Sessions

A significant part of June's practice is offering supportive sessions for those who have lost a friend, family member, or pet. In these sessions, the loved one often will come forward directly if they are available to do so.  If not,  a connection will be made through the Masters & Teachers.  These sessions offer clarity, resolve, and an opportunity to "check in" with those who have transitioned.

What Can One Expect During A Session?

A sacred prayer is used to access the records.  This prayer allows the energetic presence of the client's masters, teachers and loved ones.   Questions are asked by the client and an enlightening conversation unfolds as the consultant translates.  The experience is governed by an energetic equivalent as the information given, so healing can occur.  This process is most effective when dealing with current aspects of the soul's growth and re-patterning.

How Can One Prepare for a Session?

1.  Make a list of questions or areas you would like to address during your session.  Have most of your focus be on present time situations or future potentialities.  Some of the areas you may want to consider:

      Spiritual growth or path

      Relationships with others

      Repeating patterns and behaviors

      Influences from past lives

      Influence from outside sources

      Creative expression

      Soul purpose or focus and its alignment with ones personality

2.  Allow an hour for your consultation.  As this is sacred time, you may want to allow some personal time after your session for reflection and integration.

3.  Do not use alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to your consultation.

4.  A digital recording of your session will be made if you so desire.  This will be emailed to you for you to download and listen to on your computer or an mp3 type device.   Otherwise, bring a pad and pen to take notes, or, if you wish, a  recorder.

5.  Sessions are done by phone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

6.  The fee is $150 and may be paid by check or cash.  PayPal is available for International clients.

What Can One Expect After a Session?

Most notably, you will experience different feelings and perceptions about you, your life, and others.  As this "level of cause" begins changing, what literally happens in your life, and how you experience what happens, begins changing as well.  Think of it as an energetic chiropractic adjustment allowing more freedom of movement.  Physicists will confirm that as we observe something, it changes, according to the observer's perception.  As we discuss and observe from this unified field , change begins immediately.  Challenges will show up, of course;  but they increasingly become the ground for new opportunity, as fear, resistance, and judgement lessen their hold.


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