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Interactive Workshops

June facilitates interactive group sessions in which she accesses the Records for the group gathered there.  She leads the participants through the Pathway Prayer process and discusses the information presented by the Masters & Teachers that day in response to questions asked by individuals in the group. The energy is lively, dynamic and uplifting.


June periodically offers Level One and Level Two classes for those drawn to study the Akashic Record reading process for their own growth and/or working with others' Records. In this first session, students are taught to work with their own records, focusing on the subtle qualities of listening; distinguishing your own voice from the voices of the Masters and Teachers.  For those who are drawn to work with others in this modality, June offers more intensive training for individuals and groups; revealing truths for the highest good of all beings.



​By invitation, June is available for interviews and speaking engagements in which she explains the Akashic Records and how we may integrate some of the most important recurring truths that come through the Masters & Teachers.  These talks provide accessible, humorous, and useful information that can and does impact our experience and how we access potential for ourselves.

To inquire about or schedule interactive lectures, classes, or group sessions,
please contact June directly at
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